Graphite Stoves

The newest range from Hi-Flame, the manufacturers of efficient clean burning stoves. Graphite stoves are constructed using precision welded heavyweight steel in combination with 10mm thick steel top and base plates, this makes the Graphite stoves much sturdier than their competition. All Graphite free-standing stoves feature built-in convection channels were cold air is naturally drawn in at the base of the heat-shield and exits as hot air through vents above the door, leading to greater efficiency and more even room heating.

Graphite stoves have been CE tested in the UK and Holland to ensure that they meet strict safety and emission standards. All Graphite products are legal and CPR Compliant. They are also listed on the Sustainable Authority of Ireland's (SEAi) Register of Performance database (HARP). For the customer this means that any output, efficiency or emissions figures that we quote have been officially verified by an Irish Government body. The Graphite 5, 8 and Inset Convector are Defra approved for burning wood in smoke control zones.