Aidan Eco Boiler Stove

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The original and genuine Aidan® has without doubt been Ireland’s biggest selling boiler stove for nearly two decades, and has set the benchmark for supreme value for money and ultra reliable performance when it comes to effortlessly delivering all of the heat and hot water a family could need for their home. With a fast and trusted, cost-effective spares service many of the very early Aidans are still going strong day in and day out. Now with the new Aidan Eco Boiler you can expect exactly the same – but with significantly reduced emissions.  

The new Aidan Eco will still offer you all of the same traditional styling and 223 kilos of cast iron construction, supremely simple operation, masses of abundant heat and a 5 year boiler and bodywork warranty. Now, with its updated fire chamber and combustion system design it ensures that the Aidan Eco complies with the tight Ecodesign emissions regulations to produce a cleaner, more environmentally friendly burn. There are three simple combustion air controls on the Aidan Eco for precise fuel management and for setting ideal comfort levels for heat to the room, the central heating radiators and the hot water supply.

The primary air knob at the centre of the separate ash pan compartment door will control the supply of air from under the fire grate for effective smokeless coal burning. There’s a secondary air slider just above the fire chamber door for controlling the flame height when burning wood as well as the air wash system for cleaner glass and a control at the rear of the right hand side of the stove allows you to set and adjust the water temperature. As you’d expect for a multi-fuel stove there’s also a convenient external riddler for clearing any smokeless coal ash and encouraging it to fall through the fire grate and into the large ash pan below so that an effective supply of combustion air to the coal fuel is maintained.

The Aidan Eco’s excellent 76.9% A-rated efficiency and total 16.2kW heat output delivers a perfect nominal 5.0kW heat from the stove to the room and at the same time produces a maximum heat output to the water of 11.2kW – easily enough for 8 radiators. However, in practice many more is achievable depending on how well the overall central heating system is set up. Remember too, that you’ll also have a huge 223kg cast iron slow release heat sink to gently disperse heat to the room and keep the ambient temperature of the house raised long after the fire has gone out. There are four 1” BSP ports at the back to suit all pipework configurations (although most systems tend to use just two) and 6” (150mm) top or rear flue option.

When you operate a multi fuel boiler stove then keeping the flueway clear is a necessary safety requirement and should be a routine undertaking. One of the big advantages of the Aidan Eco boiler therefore is just how easy it is to keep the top of the boiler and flueway completely clear of any soot build up and also to be able to sweep the chimney through the stove without the need to remove the connecting fluepipe. All you have to do, when the stove is cold, is slide the loose fitting lid forward and lift off, then simply unscrew the heavy cast iron heat sink cap above the fire chamber to gain fee and easy access to the whole of the fire chamber and baffle area. The fire chamber itself can easily handle large logs of up to 13” (325mm) long

The Aidan Eco Boiler is suitable for an appropriate load bearing decorative 12mm non-combustible hearth (subject to building regulations) and has four adjustable feet for uneven natural stone hearths. There’s also a sleek gloss black enamel version as an option. Whichever Aidan Eco Boiler you choose to heat your home you’ll be joining thousands of other satisfied Irish Aidan owners and like them you can be sure that you and your family will be enjoying it for many years to come.


Feature Details
Model Aidan Eco Boiler Stove HFB 443
Heat Output (Nominal) to Room 5.0 kW
Heat Output (Nominal) to Water 7.5 kW
Heat Output (Maximum) to Water 11.2 kW
Total Heat Output 12.5-16.2 kW (depending on fuel load)
Efficiency 76.9% (wood), 76.7% (Smokeless Coal)
ErP Energy Rating A
Defra Approved No
Fuel Seasoned wood and approved smokeless coal
Airwash Yes
Air Controls Three separate – primary, secondary, and thermostat
Construction Premium cast iron door throughout
Flue Outlet Top or rear
Flue Diameter 150mm / 6"
Grate Type Externally riddled cast iron multi-fuel grate with
separate ash pan compartment and ash pan
Guarantee 5 Years
Maximum Log Length 325mm (approx 13")
Standard Colour Matt Black
Optional Finishes Gloss black enamel
Weight 223 kg
Air Vent Required Yes
Suitable for 12mm Hearth Yes – providing it has the appropriate load bearing
Overall Dimensions mm (Low/Store) H860 / H610 W595 D390
Combustible Distances mm (Sides/Rear) Sides 125, Rear 375


Dimensions (mm): H827 W610 D610