R6 Wide Ecodesign Stove

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This is Hi-Flame's first wide body stove and from its first outing at the Hearth & Home trade show in Harrogate in June 2019 it was an immediate success and our first deliveries sold out pre-season. The R6 makes a great stove for the larger fireplace opening without producing levels of heat that make it impractical to live with. It's also pretty slim too, being only 382 mm deep. The Hi-Flame's superior build quality is in evidence throughout particularly in the high quality F-Type castings which are also featured on the low plinth fascia and on the front frame of the optional store stand version (R6-LS). The full width and virtual full height door features a large air washed window and the advanced combustion system provides a full width flame pattern. This is precisely controlled by just one single slider control to provide the perfect mix of combustion air wherever you are in the burn cycle. The Defra Approved R6 can easily accommodate logs up to 330mm long.


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